Womb Surround Process Workshop

Next scheduled workshops in English:

13.-15. September in Sydney, Australia.
Cost: 900 Aud, sign up by 24. August latest. Deposit Aud 300. 3 spaces available.

26.-29. September in Malling, Denmark. In English.
Cost: 3.800 Dkk, sign up by 5. September latest. Deposit Dkk 1.000 Dkk. 3 spaces available.

1.-3. November, 2024 in Sydney, Australia.
Cost: 900 Aud, sign up by 24. August latest. Deposit Aud 300. 3 spaces available.

20.-23. March, 2025 in Malling, Denmark.
Cost: 3.800 Dkk, sign up by 28. February, 2025 latest. Deposit Dkk 1.000 Dkk. 4 spaces available.

“A safe and gentle way to work with survival patterns that affect the way you relate to other people as an adult and support you to live out more of your potential.”

– David Haas

Womb Surround Process Workshops have been developed for adults who want to explore their traumatic patterns from early in life, and who feel that they are still creating imbalance in their family, social or work relationships, through finding resources, attachment, and support in meeting the difficult areas from the earliest time in life.

Prenatal and birth therapy shows us time and time again that babies are conscious, they feel things, both physically and emotionally. Through the emotional relationship with the people around them, babies create perceptions – mental models – of the world.

Depending on how safe or challenging we feel the world is while we are babies or children, it affects the adults we later develop into.

When a challenge is too big for us as a child or baby, we cannot integrate it. The lack of integration creates limited thought patterns that then affect our perception and behavior in family, social and work situations throughout our lives, preventing us from fully expressing our true selves.

Process workshops create a space where we can begin to understand how these patterns affect us in the present. This clarity leads to deeper, more loving relations in primary relationships, changes in our social relationships, and is of benefit in our worklife.

The structure:

The process workshop structure was created by Dr. Ray Castellino DC RPP. He learned that the greatest transformations occur in smaller groups, where he used the same principles used with infants in his infant-centered family therapy.

Therefore, there are between 4 and 5 participants in each workshop, which takes 3 to 4 days. When there are fewer participants, the length of the workshop is shortened. (The price of the workshop remains the same.)

The workshop creates space for adults who want to explore this area of ​​their lives for personal and professional growth. Previous workshop participants have also included eg. couples, parents and their adult children, pregnant mothers etc. The workshop is facilitated by Gitte Virkmann Larsen. The workshop is in easy-to-understand English.

 Facts about the workshop: 


Healingcenteret, Bredgade 51, 8340 Malling, Denmark.

I also facilitate workshops in England or internationally by demand and hosted by others.


For Process Workshops in Denmark contact the workshop administrator: Gitte Virkmann Larsen on telephone + 45 51 90 03 71 or gitte@satori.dk for information or application form and payment of deposit.

Allow for early registration, at least 6 weeks before the workshop, to give time for the preparation process. You register by sending in the application form (online preferred) and paying the deposit. After that I may wish to set up time for an interview with you or a personal session to see that the workshop is the right fit.

If the group does not have at least 3 registered participants 4 weeks before the start, the workshop will be cancelled. A deposit of DKK 1,000 is paid upon registration and is not refunded if the participant later withdraws. If the minimum number of participants is not reached 4 weeks before the start of the course, the deposit will be refunded. 

Process Workshop application form for download – English  (Word document) https://www.healingcenteret.dk/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/PW-intake-form-English-Healingcenteret-2023.docx


In Denmark: It is not possible to stay overnight on site. There are accommodation options nearby, contact us for information. Internationally: please ask the host for further information. 

Testimonials from workshops hosted by Gitte Virkmann Larsen in 2023:

“I rarely meet such a fantastic person, such as Gitte. She facilitates deep processes with a lot of support and deep presence that reach all the way to the core of your potential.”

AL 2023

I can wholeheartedly recommend Gitte Larsen and a Womb Surround Process workshop. I chose it to gain greater insight into myself and for my self development. Why do I react as I do, and how can I progress to become a better and happier perso?. I felt seen, heard, safe and supported under Gitte’s guidance. In a safe space I have had time to feel into my deepest inner space and room to go a step further to move my boundaries. It has given me insight into how I can act both psychologically and physically and thereby gain more freedom and joy.”

MN 2023

Testimonial from workshops hosted jointly by David Haas and Gitte Virkmann Larsen in 2023:

“I felt welcome, safe, and supported with all that I brought. Gitte and David are well-versed in supporting participants with early life trauma and I could lean into their holding and support. My vulnerability was held with kindness, gentleness, respect, and generosity of heart. I experienced feeling safe much more deeply than before and being immersed in this safely held space was very healing for me. I feel grounded and more solid within myself. I am deeply grateful for having been part of this workshop Thank you Gitte and David.”

GW 2023

“The Womb Surround Workshop with Gitte Virkman Larsen and David Haas has been a game changer in my life. They are a top professional team with so much heartfelt compassion and care for the participants. They know how to hold the space and make it a safe and harmless place where destructive imprints from painful and vulnerable traumas created through birth and upbringing can be dissolved and released. I have never felt so supported, cared for and looked after at any other workshop I have attended as I have with Gitte and David. I can highly recommend their workshops to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their own personal development and really wants a ground-breaking change.”

VL 2023

I would highly recommend participating in a womb surround process workshop facilitated by David and Gitte. They are very skilled in holding presence while participants explore their personal history and the impact of how experiences in our birth and early life can continue to play out in our current everyday lives. The space and surrounding area of Godalming are lovely and supportive in doing this sacred work. I traveled from the west coast of the United States to attend the workshop and I would love to return in the future.

AS 2023