Welcome to Healingcenter Aarhus

Gitte Virkmann Larsen

The purpose of the Healingcenter is to support and inspire each individual to deepen into healing, meditation and self-development in an ethical and at a highly professional level. Also to support a growing understanding and experience of our multifaceted consciousness, inner strength, wisdom, joy, presence, compassion and love.


Year course in healing 1. in Malling, Denmark. In Danish.
Årskursus i healing 1 starter d. 12. Oktober, 2024 i Malling

Year course in Polarity Therapy in Danish.
Årskursus i polaritetsterapi starts winter, 2025 in Malling, Denmark

Year course in healing 2. in Malling, Denmark. In Danish.
Årskursus i healing 2. år starts 21. September 2024

Womb Surround Process Workshops:
Australia: Womb Surround Process Workshop Sydney, 13.-15. September, 2024

Denmark: Womb Surround Process Workshop in English, 26.-29. September, Malling 2024